Believe it or not, hand sanitizer hasn’t always been our lifelong passion!

But cut to 2020 making a debut…and well, we couldn’t stop thinking about it.

Between mandated sanitizing stations welcoming us at every venue entrance and the low quality ingredients getting applied to our hands multiple times a day, our sensitive skin was starting to suffer and our frustration with the sanitizer status quo along with our desire to help others dealing with the same effects led us to a question: Is it possible to create organic sanitizing products that feel good on the skin and keep you safe from germs?

Mix effective ingredients straight from the earth and design-forward packaging crafted from sustainable materials and you get a new approach to the new normal. You get what we call Dom: a fresher take on the everyday essentials you use at home and on the go.

We can’t wait to hear what you think,

Sam & Adam

Causes We Care About

Dom is a partner of One Tree Planted, an organization dedicated to the reforestation of our planet. Each time you make an online purchase with us, one tree will be planted to help clean our air, water and create new habitats supporting biodiversity.

We’re also part of the Carbon Neutral Club! Want to offset your footprint and join the movement towards real sustainability? We offer 25% off all products to Carbon Neutral Club members – because the best way to make a difference is by working together.